About Us

Pioneers in the Industry

Tornado Storage Solutions was the pioneer in developing and implementing the 1st automated storage retrieval machines in the retail market. Tornado Storage Solutions now counts years of successful experience in the installation of innovative and dynamic solutions with many customers worldwide, including some of the largest retailers in the world.

Tornado Dedicated Service

Beyond the customised solutions we develop for each customer, we offer unparalleled dedicated service:

  • Super Hotline in local language worldwide 24/7
  • “Fix Me” direct and immediate assistance with online remote access to our machines
  • Training in local language
  • Detailed site and operating environment survey to define the best solution

Tornado Storage Solutions around the world

mapWith head offices in the UK, Tornado Storage Solutions work and employ a multilingual workforce throughout the world.

We have installations in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Finland, Scotland and are currently monitoring projects in additional countries.

Why Automated Storage ?

In a traditional warehouse, most products are picked by hand and will involve any number of co-workers traveling various distances. The pick can be – at best – optimized by a WM Package, but quite often requires the co-worker to choose what he/she feels is the best route.

When the co-worker arrives at the location, it may be empty or have an incorrect item in that location, resulting in lost time or missed shipping slot/unhappy customer. Some locations will require a ladder for access, adding further time to the pick, with health and safety implications.

Storing items within a safe picking area is a far better option, but results in having to use far more floor space.

Some warehouses may have the benefit of a good WM Software package, used in conjunction with a hand held RF unit to guide the picker, however this can lead to over-dependence on guidance from the RF unit, with the possibility of the WM host being down and picking time greatly increasing.


With an automated storage solution the potential for these type of errors can be massively reduced. The first and biggest improvement is the fact that the item is delivered to the picker.

All picks are done at a safe height, the items are delivered in the most economical route and reduce picking times even further. If for any reason the WM host is unavailable the co-worker is still able to pick items.

Articles come in all shapes and sizes. When planning a warehouse one of first considerations is to make sure the article locations are suitable, however this results in locations that do not fully utilize the space available.

With an automated storage unit, it is far easier to maximize the use of space by using adjustable levels for both height and depth.

An automated storage solution can offer a far better communication solution than hand held RF units. with the host WM system, the picks can be batched and chosen in order of importance or convenience, an efficient touch screen interface helps the co-worker to complete the picks and if need be print off any shipping notes.

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