AES Engineering

aes_logoWhen AES Engineering opened a distribution warehouse in Derby, demand for their mechanical seals soon resulted in requests for more storage. Running out of ground floor and mezzanine floor space and no option to expand the warehouse, AES had become victims of their own success. A solution had to be found.

AES Storage Challenge

A survey of the warehouse by Tornado Storage Solutions helped understand how difficult things had become: the mechanical seals were stored in various sized cardboard tubes on 1,245 shelves providing 390m2 of storage capacity. Cupboards took up 250m2 of floor space and additional boxes were stored on a mezzanine floor level.

Tornado Storage Solutions Solution

Tornado Storage Solutions developed 5 Industrial Paternoster (IPN) in a horseshoe layout covering an area of 70m2. The IPN provided 545m2 of storage capacity which meant the mezzanine level stock could also be stored in the IPN and still provide spare capacity!

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