domino_logoDomino UK stores all existing stock while improving control and usage with 2 IPNs

Domino is a world leader in the manufacture of ink jet and laser printers and when they decided to combine the parts storage and dispatch department into one area, Tornado Storage Solutions was the company they contacted.

Their challenge in the combination of workspace

With 360m2 floor area, the dispatch department had to be redesigned to take in production and distribution stock stored over a floor area of 125m2. A new office taking up 30m2 also had to fit into the combined department.

Solution: Tornado Storage Solutions

A survey of the existing parts stock established that 2 Industrial Paternoster (IPN) could store the existing stock and also the technical manuals for their worldwide customer base in an area of 24m2.

IPN Benefit

The unexpected bonus of using the IPN was that improved stock control also resulted in reduced stock levels and improved FIFO stock usage.

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