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How Dragon Truck & Van Hire moved location and transferred massive stock to IPN in less than 48 hours

2 IPN for perfect transition and better day to day control

The challenge

Moving stock in a spare parts store to new premises over one weekend and being able to open on Monday for business as usual is no easy task but Dragon Truck & Van Hire did it. Careful planning was required for the transfer of stock from their Pontypridd premises to Cardiff.

After years of parts storage in a two tier shelving system covering an area of 245m2 it was not only time to move premises but to move forward in the way parts were stored and that is why Tornado Storage Solutions were asked to provide the solution.

The solution: Tornado Storage Solutions

An in depth survey proved that the solution was 2 Industrial paternoster (IPN). Apart from steel drawers and plastic bins for very small parts the stock was stored on shelves with a large proportion having fixed dividers to separate individual stock items.

Optimum yet simple Organisation

During weeks of preparation stock was transferred from the shelves into plastic trays with dividers to separate the individual or multiple stock items. The trays were retained on the same shelf or as near to their original shelf to ensure that the stores staff were able to continue as normal. As the trays were filled they were allocated a storage location for the IPN using a simple computer programme. When the IPN had been installed ready for the transfer, the stock locations were downloaded into the IPN control system that linked both IPN together.

The smooth transfer with IPN

When the weekend transfer took place stock was transferred directly into the IPN and on Monday morning when the first part had to be picked the part number was entered in the controller and work continued as normal.

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