How Mercedes-Benz UK dealer kept up with service demands with our storage solution

2 IPN on 11m2 to store existing and future stocks

The choice of a cost effective solution

Improved storage of spare parts for Mercedes-Benz & Setra Coach dealer EvoBus was necessary to keep up with sales and service demands. EvoBus chose Tornado Storage Solutions for a cost effective solution following an in depth survey of their store.

The Challenge

982 shelves on the ground floor and mezzanine floor covering a total floor area of 275m2. The shelves stored 430 steel drawers and 3 sizes of plastic bins for small parts storage as well as medium and large sized parts on shelf.

The solution: Tornado Storage Solutions

2 Industrial Paternoster (IPN) each covering 11.00m2 of floor space was able to store their existing parts stock and leave spare capacity for future expansion on 172 storage levels. Some of the existing plastic bins were reused while others were replaced with a more space saving size for the IPN.

Tornado Storage Solutions benefits

Improved stock control and pick rates has ensured EvoBus are happy with the Tornado Storage Solutions solution.

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