Johnson Security


How Johnson Security made better use of its reduced floor space with Tornado Storage Solutions’s IPN

A 6.2m high IPN for stock storage and spare capacity

Johnson Security’s Challenge

When Johnson Security, Manufacturers of Specialist Vehicles, Security Products for both Buildings & Vehicles, and the Rail Industry, needed to modify their stores department and at the same time reduce its actual floor area it was Tornado Storage Solutions they turned to for a solution.

Parts stock on industrial shelving and in eight different sizes of plastic bins spread over the ground floor and a mezzanine floor.

Solution: Tornado Storage Solutions

A 6.2m high Industrial Paternoster (IPN) that was able to store all their existing shelf stock and bin stock with spare capacity for expansion. Plastic trays and space dividers making best use of the available IPN space replaced the old plastic bins.

The IPN Benefit

For the installation, part of the mezzanine floor was removed to lift the IPN frames into position. The mezzanine floor was rebuilt and became a modern office area. The IPN hidden by office panelling operates almost silently and is not heard by the office staff.

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