How KMF moved to flexible storage with excellent stock control and customised control software

An 8.8m high Tornado to sustain and exceed increasing stock requirements

KMF’s Challenge

KMF is a privately owned company achieving year on year growth. Increased production has resulted in increased materials stock requirements. With more floor space required for valuable production equipment the stores area had to be reduced. With unused headroom the question was how do we use it?

From small parts and boxed items to 25kg cartons of powder paint the solution had to provide flexible storage for various sizes and weights and spare capacity for the future with excellent stock control plus a link to the host computer.

Solution: Tornado Storage Solutions’s Tornado

A Tornado® 8.8m high with galvanised steel trays 4m wide for general stock and spare capacity. A Tornado® with 3m wide trays for powder paint and even a Tornado® for tool storage on trays 1,250mm wide with spare capacity for the future.

Initially using TC2000 software for stand alone stock control the TC2000 Tornado® software has now been linked to the KMF host system.

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