Land Instruments


How Land Instruments increased its storage space with Tornado Storage Solutions’s IPN solution

A 353m2 storage space capacity on two floors with a dedicated IPN

Land Instruments

Land Instruments is a world wide supplier of specialised temperature, gas and associated measurement equipment. Their UK head quarters at Dronfield, Sheffield was spread over two floors each with its own department and spare parts store.

The Challenge

As always a successful company like Land Instruments will run out of storage space, having over the years provided interim solutions to ever increasing storage requirements levitra genérico india.

When Tornado Storage Solutions was asked to survey both departments’ storage areas it revealed a combined total of 240m2 of on shelf storage space and 3,300 various sized storage containers. The solution was simple but food for thought for the management.

The Solution: Tornado Storage Solutions’s IPN

Industrial Paternosters (IPN) extending from the ground floor through the first floor into the suspended ceiling void of the first floor; the IPN are 8,800mm high with 353m2 of storage capacity. Both IPN have two pick openings one on the ground floor and one on the first floor.

The IPN Benefits

Replacing the existing containers with plastic trays and space dividers ensured proper use of the IPN storage space. The overall solution meant that there was spare capacity for future stock increases.

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