How Tornado Storage Solutions’ IPN transformed DVD storage with 5 IPNs to optimise storage of slower selling stock DVDs is a leading internet retail supplier of DVDs and CDs. As internet shopping became more popular, sales increased and so too did their need for improved storage and picking rates to maintain the same response time for dispatch and delivery to their customers.

Tornado Storage Solutions were invited to provide a solution that would give quicker pick rates for back orders and slower selling stock titles. To allow for an ever increasing range of slower moving titles the storage solution had to concentrate the stock into a smaller area.’s Challenge

Supplying the popular DVDs & CDs titles as a bulk order pick is simple but to supply back order and slower moving stock titles totalling in excess of 7,000 titles stored on two floor levels over an area of 3,600m2 means long order pick times.


Tornado Storage Solutions’s solution and benefits

A detailed survey of the warehouse by Tornado Storage Solutions confirmed that the Industrial Paternoster (IPN) was the solution.

5 Industrial Paternoster each covering a floor area of 11.00m2 stored a combined total of 281,250 DVDs of slower selling stock titles. Customer orders are sent directly to the IPN for picking. No pick list is required, only the customer document printed at the same time as the DVD is picked and sent with the DVD to the customer.

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