total_logoA whole way of rethinking Storage for Total-owned oil refinery: A Tornado with 500kg payload capacity / 16,000 references stored


Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR) is Britain’s third largest oil refinery processing 10,000,000 tons of crude oil per year. Maintenance service requirements for such a prestigious refinery requires an engineering store that provides a parts stock and back up service second to none.

Relocation and new parts storage requirements

The decision to relocate the stores to a new site within the refinery was also the ideal opportunity to revamp the small and medium sized parts storage. Over the years the expanding two tier shelving system and then off shoot areas of shelving became out dated and with the shelving stock being the largest part of the 25,000 stock items the relocation was time for a major rethink of how parts should be stored.

The Tornado solution

After an initial survey by Tornado Storage Solutions we recommended the Tornado® with 500kg payload capacity galvanised steel trays for the small and medium sized stock. The existing shelving provided 1,818m2 of storage space. Many of the shelves stored 5 different sizes of plastic bins, 16,000 in total. The bulk of the existing plastic bins were replaced with plastic trays that could maximise space more efficiently on the Tornado® trays, including dividers for separating the individual stock items.

Dedicated Software: TC2000

The installation of 4 Tornado® with TC2000 software also meant that apart from linking all the Tornado® together using its stock management system, when required the TC2000 could be linked to the stores host system.

LOR provided a broadband internet connection that permits our support desk to link into the Tornado® and give remote support to the stores staff and correct user errors this is also backed up with webcams enabling the support desk to remotely view and take control of tray movements.

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