Vulcan Engineering


Vulcan’s Business Development Strategy not only embraced the drive for increased sales but also the need for improved efficiency to their product stock holding, protection, location, space and speed of picking etc.

A survey highlighted a number of different stock locations encompassing a total 400 metre squared of shelf storage. Whilst product was stored in three defined box sizes, there was also overspill into larger non standard boxes and overspill between shelves.

The rhomboid shaped main store with columns and a maximum height of 3.7m had to provide a solution that not only improved storage and stock control but include as much stock as possible.

Tornado Solution Solution for Vulcan

Eight Industrial Paternosters with 4.1m long storage levels made it possible to store virtually all the main store stock by using available storage space more effectively and opting for random stock locations that ensures empty storage space is kept to a minimum. Each Paternoster has an over pressure fan which restricts the access of dust to storage levels. Light position indicators aid the identification of stock.

Time taken for picking and putting stock has reduced and stock control has improved as has product protection. All in all the real results has seen reduced error, efficiencies in operation and cost reduction.

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