Large Volumes

The most efficient storage system for bulky stock to optimise sales capacity and productivity


The storage of bulky articles is a challenge for all logistics departments: they occupy a large amount of floor locations, require excessive internal handling and lead to frequent sales loss resulting from a lack of capacity.

They also get easily and frequently damaged. Tornado is an automated storage solution solving all these issues at once: by utilising all building height, it increases sales capacities to the maximum in one safe storage location. With an easy-to-use software and a convenient opening at waist height, it reduces handling times and operations as well as customer picking/waiting time.

2 Tornados stock around 380 mixed Mattresses (80, 140 and 160cm)

IMGP5334Reduce Floor Space requirements by up to 80%
Reduce labour consuming handling operations by up to 65%
Reduction in damaged articles
99.9% Stock Accuracy: Excellent stock accuracy with Tornado’s computerised inventory
Less damage: Items are kept clean and in good condition in the Tornado, away from potential damage
Customisable easy-to-use software and 24/7 support

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