Mobile Retail

Articles brought to your customers everywhere you want

Store, transport and distribute 10 000 pieces anywhere you want with your Tornado trailer. Optimise your storage in the embedded horizontal carousel and design your customer area for maximum sales. Ready in 2 hours of arriving on any site, it can accommodate 6 700 DIY and hardware items (as an example). It is specially designed with a pull out pod for customers to select their goods, make payment and collect purchases. Goods are kept in a horizontal carousel with 33m3/165 cu. ft. capacity.


Maximum flexibility in your customer area

– A retractable pod is deployed to form a customer area with:
– Customer browsing area/catalogue stands and EPOS system
– Counter area with fully integrated IT and payment systems
– Full remote alarm and camera security system for staff /product protection

All our solutions come with a customisable software and 24/7 support


Maximum storage for Customer Area

The stock is housed within a 12m/39’ long Horizontal Carousel with:

– 24 carriers: H2350mmxW830mmxD708mm / H7.7’ x W2.7’ x D2.3’
– 33m3/1165 cu. ft. capacity
– Online support and order replenishing standard in our solutions


Specifications Size/Weight Size/Weight
Length 13.6m 45'
Width 2.5m 8.2'
Height 4m 13'
Operating Weight 26 250kg 57 871lbs
Stock Weight 12 000kg 26 455lbs

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