HOCA Horizontal Carousel

Optimum use of limited storage space to increase LetterInformationPDF_Icon
your productivity with rapid return on investment


Fully customised to your requirements, the Horizontal Carousel is the best solution to optimise your logistical operations in large spaces and ensure optimum use of storage with rapid return on investment.

Consisting of an oval track supporting rotating carriers with shelves, it delivers goods to the operator at one single retrieving point, eliminating time consuming walking/searching for items.

Minimum Floor Space / Maximum results


Optimum use of Vertical and Horizontal space

Reduce picking times by up to 60%

Modular and flexible to fit in unusual spaces

Many possible configurations with carriers, hangers, shelves or other loading equipment to suit any stock height and stock of varied sizes

Integrated with warehouse logistics environment and WMS

One operator can handle several machines



Carrier width,830 and 1010mm,2.7 and 3.3ft
Carrier Depth, 508 and 608mm, 1.7 and 2ft
Carrier Height, 1700 – 3900mm, 5.6 – 12.8ft
Total Capacity, 40 000kg, 88 200lbs
Total Width, 1700 and 1900mm, 5.6 and 6.2ft
Total Height, 2150- 4350mm, 4.1 – 14.3ft [/table]

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