Tornado Lift


Tornado is a rapid vertical automated storage solution increasing floor space capacity and handling efficiency. By utilizing all available height, it increases article density on the same floor space and centralises all articles in one pick location. Quick and easy to operate, it drastically reduces handling times both in picking and replenishing, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Fully customized to your requirements, it ensures optimum use of storage space with rapid return on investment.LetterPDF_Icon


IMGP5337_smallUp to 90% more stock on the same floorprint

  • 65% reduction in labour consuming handling operations
  • Fast and accurate picking with up to 99.9% stock accuracy
  • Fast assembly time
  • Low power consumption and maintenance costs
  • Full service from one source: design, installation, software and support
  • Dedicated warehouse management suite to fully integrate your system 
  • Accurate information on stock items, storage places and inventories
  • Easy to use interface
  • Products specifications easily imported and consolidated for best use of space


“Before the Tornado, we had 14 different kitchens, which were sold through the delivery warehouse. So there was a two-week wait for the client. All these products have been included in the store thanks to the Tornado.”



The Tornado Tower can be customised in height, depth and width to fit your requirements.

It comprises many security features to comply with EU and local requirements.

Trays can be congured to any stock height

Stock goes from delivery straight to nal destination, eliminating fork lift truck operations and expensive handling

1 storage area for thousands of articles







Tray width, from 1250 to 4250mm, from 4 to 14ft

Tray Depth, comes in 520mm; 620mm; 720mm; 820mm and 1640mm, comes in 1.7  2  2.3  2.7  5.4ftTray Capacity, 500kg, 1102lbs

Load Height, 850mm, 2.8ft

Total Capacity, 40 000kg, 88 184lbs

Total Height, from 4000 to 15000mm, from 13 to 50ft [/table]


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