Case Studies

Here are a few projects we collaborated on with you to find the best solution for your application.

“Before the Tornado, we had 14 different kitchens sold through the delivery warehouse. There was a two-week-wait for the client. All these products have been included in the store thanks to the Tornado.”

Switzerland Furniture Retailer

"Tornado helped us realise the importance of purchasing trends and knowing exactly where to store specific items depending on the frequency of picking and volume/popularity of items"

United Kingdom Software development

Our Technical Director presents the stock management software he created for the world leading furniture retailer

A multinational furniture and kitchenware store were already using our automated storage towers in their warehouses but wanted to maximise their efficiency and improve their stock management. They realised the importance of understanding purchasing trends and knowing exactly where to store specific items depending on the frequency of picking and volume/popularity of items. We created brand new stock management software for them that was integrated with their existing software system and soon optimised the capacity of the machinery. Data was reviewed and reports could then be produced on what was best to store higher or lower in the tower (some can be 70 trays high),and taking into account seasonal trends and groupings within trays. This intelligent use of the storage system allowed for faster picking and shorter customer waiting times.

Successful Installations

Stock accuracy


100 %

Our Software Development Manager details the kiosk dashboard he created for a bingo hall

A popular British Bingo Hall asked us to come up with a secure way to install kiosks for them, which needed to be friendly, functional and completely safe for everyone over the age of 18. They wanted us to incorporate their Clubcard points and membership schemes and to make sure there was extra security to protect their more vulnerable customers at the point of use and after. We created an intelligent dashboard function that updated and reported in real time on areas such as balance checks and top ups and could alert the user of any expected fraud. And, if a vulnerable customer accidentally, for example, left their bank details on the screen, the dashboard would tell them straight away. In this industry there are also many global and regional variations on their regulations and we were able to adhere to these and make local up to date adjustments on all their security features.

Warehouse staff told us they found the Tornados intuitive and straightforward, so as well as streamlining the flow of goods throughout the business, our customised solution made their work easier

Our UK Account Manager shares the tale of one of his successes over the years

We were asked to provide intelligent storage for a company who design, supply, and build an extensive range of customised industrial machines. Due to diversity in the specifications, their product offerings are changing all the time and stock can become obsolete as new designs take over. They realised that they needed a better way of managing their inventory, something that could be synchronised with the drawing office, and updated regularly. Not only were we able to make space for new items but knew when articles were coming to the end of life and could remove them. Best of all, despite the technical complexity of the system, all of these functions were completely transparent to the operators.

How we created a goods flow dashboard for a logistics company

A vast global logistics company needed their goods flow to be paperless so that no time was wasted waiting between collections and deliveries. Drivers however often needed customs paperwork, so we were able to create a print at exit system with our kiosks to speed up their onward journey, and a dashboard that alerted a technician if paper or ink was running low or there were any problems with the barriers. This real time alert kept the lorries moving and significantly decreased expensive on-the-job downtime. Other developments included QR codes which gave on-site staff access to troubleshooting videos and enabled them to deal with smaller physical problems, such as a paper jam, by themselves. In addition, our custom made reports and 24 hour monitoring systems allowed the company better insight into their day-to-day operations and helped them improve their overall business model.


Account Manager tells us about capacity creation for a bathroom retailer

A large bathroom retailer asked us to help them create the capacity to fulfil several online orders simultaneously. The solution also needed to be integrated with their existing warehouse management system and be capable of printing the correct Dymo label for a multiple part order, minimise order picking time and maximise their overall logistical efficiency. We responded by configuring several Tornado towers into one group and creating the software to enable up to ten orders at once, in a way that meant the operator could move seamlessly from one highlighted section of a tray to the next.

The kiosk order and collection system we set up for a Thai restaurant

"An independent chain of fresh and fast Thai restaurants in London needed to speed up their ordering and collection processes. We developed a system that allowed for payment with cash, card, Google Pay and Apple Pay that facilitated several orders to be collected at one time, and as soon as they were ready. The software that was applied to these kiosks also allowed for menus to be set for certain days, special offers/times and were easily adapted by the restaurant as and when they changed. In addition, a report was run at the start and end of each shift to analyse the funds needed in the machines in real time. We also used data gathered in these reports to predict and analyse peak times so the machines never ran short of change, for example on a busy Friday or Saturday night."