Service and Support

Our team of controls & IT engineers at your service

“Fixme guys are fantastic, quick to respond and get us back up and working again in minimal time.”
Dave, site supervisor, Reading

Unparalleled 24/7 FixMe® remote support

Our “FixMe® service is your access point to specialist support software, and it gives you a direct chat link to whoever is on our 24/7 support rota. This invaluable function means that you will never be without the reliable support of an expert engineer to effect everything from impromptu training sessions to operational queries and remote diagnostics and repair. In fact, right now, more than 700 kiosks and automated storage machines benefit from our 365/24/7 support.

We achieve this capability with a tight and highly skilled team who have over 80 years’ combined experience in supporting our customers. Our specialist FixMe® team are hands-on with our solutions and are involved with servicing, installations and training throughout the year. To this end, you will never find us addressing you from a script or find yourself hitting a wall with inexperienced first line support. Our expert assistance will be direct, most often connected within seconds, and with a 99.9% online success rate you will find that 90% of those cases will be resolved within 10 minutes. We guarantee you will not benefit from a speedier or more accomplished remote support team with anybody else.

Common issues are quickly and efficiently dealt with remotely by logging into the machine to diagnose and fix the issue, eliminating the costs and delays associated with onsite interventions. Our remote connection also allows daily off-site backups, regular updates, as well as preventive maintenance on connected computer systems.

Safeguarding your Tornado solution

We are proud to offer the services of professionally qualified engineers for the installation, servicing and maintenance of the solutions we deliver. We understand how a company’s business critical processes rely upon the ongoing efficiency of their equipment and we work closely with our clients to guarantee they achieve their business objectives as well as reduce their costs and production downtime.

Tornado integrates preventive maintenance as standard in its projects. Our specialist engineers offer regular and high-quality maintenance in accordance with your country’s specific legislative requirements, to ensure your machines stay in optimum condition. Maintenance contracts are adaptable to reflect your needs in terms of periodicity (depending on the anticipated use of the machines) and to minimise working-hours interruption. We also specialise in CE marking and have experience of converting CE machines to meet the UL requirements.

We pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships.