Service and support

Beyond the customised solutions we develop for each customer, we offer unparalleled dedicated service:



  • Super Hotline in local language worldwide 24/7
  • “Fix Me” direct and immediate assistance with online remote access to our machines
  • Training in local language
  • Detailed site and operating environment survey to define the best solution


The success of Tornado Storage Solution does not rely only on the performance of its automated machines. It is also built on a commitment to long-term support and flexible service, to assist customers through every step of their Tornado experience.

“It was not just about buying a piece of machinery, it was what do I get with the machine. I got the training, I got the development geneerinen levitra. Tornado Storage Solutions were also developing with our company,” commented a German store manager.

Tornado Storage Solutions offers professional training for its solutions and support with 24 hour backup in local languages worldwide. A team of dedicated country project managers keep a complete overview of each site. A remote support system and a ‘fix me’ solution have also been implemented to assist co-workers within seconds of a call, together with remote video links to optimise distance support.

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