Tornado Automated Storage Tower

High density and intelligent vertical storage solutions

Tornado Automated Storage Tower

The Tornado automated storage tower (also known as a vertical lift system) is a rapid automated storage solution which significantly increases floor space capacity, productivity and picking efficiency. And, as we offer more than just a machine, our in-house stock management control software and 24/7/365 remote support set us worlds apart from apparently similar installations.

Developed and customised for retailers or industry, it efficiently reduces handling costs and optimises storage and sales potential. The Tornado automated storage tower increases range sizes through greater article density up to 90%, while decreasing picking and replenishing times by up to 70%. And with remote support at the touch of a button, this level of productivity is rarely interrupted.

With our specifically designed in-house stock management software, the Tornado automated storage tower ensures optimum use of storage space and a rapid return on investment. With low service requirements, online assistance, a robust structure and easy to use fully integrated software, we enhance your operations at every opportunity.

Up to 90% more storage capacity

By utilising all available height, Tornado increases article density on the same floor space and centralises all articles in one pick location.

Up to 65% fewer handling operations

In-house software developed for easy replenishing and picking, and correction of stock. Quick to operate, the Tornado significantly reduces handling times.

Up to 99% stock accuracy

Direct correction of quantities during replenishing/picking and identification features (LEDs, laser) to find correct position.

Tornado Tower Benefits

  • Increased productivity and customer satisfaction
  • In-house specially designed software
  • One picking location for all your articles
  • Improves onsite Health and Safety
  • Can require as little as one service per year
  • Fully customisable to fit your available space
  • Flexible tray layout to accommodate any stock size
  • Short assembly time
  • 24/7 remote assistance on all towers

Square metres of optimised space

Successful Tornado Installations

Technical specification

Tornado adapts to your installation requirements

Machine height

4m to 15m

Tray width

1.25m to 4.25m

Tray depth

0.52m to 0.82m

Tray height

0.085m to 0.815m

Tray weight capacity

300kg or 500kg

Total volume capacity

15m3 to 78m3

Customise your Tornado

Pick between many optional features

In/out feeder at opening

Tray weight control

Light Position Indication

Wireless Scanner

Several pick openings

Customisation of software

Cladding window

Tornado Controller

Quick and Easy Management of your Operations

Accurate information on stock items, storage spaces, and inventories. All control operations from inventory control to complex batch picking

Web application for local or remote connection for users to access real time stock queries, inventory, transaction and financial reports

Based on Windows and developed in-house, the software is customisable and smoothly integrates into existing WMS