Company Profile

At Tornado, we are passionate about meeting your challenges.

Tornado at a glance

17 years of experience in improving your warehouses, stores, logistics and daily business operations are imprinted in our DNA, and we take great pride in finding the right solution to enhance performance, improve operations and ultimately help you save money.

We are engineers at heart and it is this core connection with our technology that allows us to support our products effectively and sets us apart from our competitors. You will not find the uniquely Tornado combination of trustworthy hardware, intelligent software and instantaneous round- the- clock support anywhere else.

Our head office is located in the UK, with a team based throughout Europe. We have engineering and sales experts across the UK, as well as support and sales within Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and North America. Historically, we have always had a strong connection with our customers, as many of our employees have moved over to Tornado after using our products extensively - this includes our Technical Director who was once a warehouse operator with our longest standing client.

Extensive Experience

Established in 2003, we have developed from a two-man operation into a global market leader delivering innovative solutions, specialist software and dedicated support.

Support Specialists

We operate globally and offer all our customers 24/7 multilingual service and support on all our solutions. We are with you wherever you are.

Installation Experts

We have installed hundreds of solutions in retail, industry and food businesses. We are continually developing new ideas for the future.

Peter, Managing Director

Peter has a background in mechanical engineering, with many years experience of installing, modifying and integrating material handling equipment from all over the world. Peter has attracted a strong and loyal workforce by encouraging and supporting the development of young and experienced engineers, allowing them to work freely on their own bespoke projects.

“As the founder and Managing Director of Tornado I am thrilled to lead such an enterprising and talented team. Everyone here has a can-do attitude towards new challenges and projects and we really are at the forefront of innovation. For my part, I hope that my experience in materials handling and the longstanding relationships I have built up with blue chip clients, helps to inspire and cement new opportunities for us. And, on a practical level, it has always been my belief not only to deliver the right solution but to offer the right support capability for any installation. We pride ourselves in our core values of accompanying our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their solution and always provide a service that meets their evolving needs. I truly am excited about what the future holds for us!”

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Dave, Technical Director

Dave has been with Tornado for 14 years working up from a field engineer to his current role as Technical Director. Using his vast experience with mechanical and controls projects he is the vision behind many of Tornado's exciting projects. Continually hands on during R&D, installation and support, Dave has a knack for problem solving and won't be hanging up his work boots for the office any time soon.

"In my role as Technical Director for Tornado I particular enjoy the variety of work that comes our way, and the speed at which we can take an enquiry and deliver a finished product. What is really important to me, and essential for us as a tech company, is that all our products are functional and reliable, not just for a few years but for 10 or 20. In essence we consider potential obsolescence at the point of design and combine proven components with clever solutions and back them up properly with full-time and failsafe remote support. Having customers thank us for making their daily work easier and more productive is the goal for every job.”