Kiosk Terminals for Food

High quality interactive kiosk terminals for unlimited applications

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Full service kiosk terminals

Our range of kiosk terminals can be used throughout the business world, from applications including (but not limited to) transport sites solving entry and exit issues to order collection for restaurants with full payment and ticketing options.nnWith our many years’ experience in software development, our software team can adapt kiosks to suit any requirements, increasing efficiency in operations and return on investment. Please contact us with your challenge so that we can adapt and provide you with a kiosk that is just right for your business.

Fast ROI

Return in Investment within months with average annual savings up to £80 000

Total control

Our kiosks all come with customer dashboards to monitor your kiosk status, check your statistics and control additional functions

Quick Install

We ship your kiosk with all pre-settings. Take it out of the box and install it. Easy self-installation process

Key Features

Software Features

Real time software intervention and rapid upgrades

Customisable features to suit country variations and animated functions to help with languages

Hardware and Software Intelligence to select settings the best suited application


RFID reading of cards, passes, products

ANPR for vehicle recognition

Printing receipts and documents up to A4

QR code acceptance

Payment Options


Change given

Card and contactless (including apple pay and google pay)

Discount codes

‘Event days’ with remote configuration of variable tariffs

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